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Collaborative Self Portrait Mural

This month, The Christ School Art Program is highlighting the work of our kindergarten classes, who created a Collaborative Self Portrait Mural.

To begin their project, the students looked at themselves in a portrait mirror. As a class, the students practiced drawing a self portrait while receiving a guided lesson from TCS art teacher, Mrs. Smith. They learned that a traditional portrait only includes the subject from the shoulders up.

The students discussed what shapes work best for which features and where the features should be placed in relation to one another. The students noticed that each of us have different skin tones, hair color and eye color.

When each student was ready, they began their final sketch. The sketches were done in pencil and then transferred onto the final paper using permanent markers. Students were encouraged to include an image which had meaning to them in the background.

Students used both observational drawing skills as well as a guided lesson from Mrs. Smith. Observational drawing uses the artist’s powers of observation by looking at an image and drawing what the artists sees. This skill will continue to be developed throughout an artist’s lifetime.

Completed portraits were signed by each student artist and mounted together on one canvas to show the collaborative skills of the entire class. Our mural is on display in The Christ School lobby.  We hope you enjoy these wonderful portraits!

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