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Exploring Tangrams

This week in Compass, students are being introduced to TANGRAMs by playing a strategy game called Tangram Force-Out.  Tangrams are sets of 7 geometric shapes.  Why use them?  Using Tangrams gives students an opportunity to better understand  geometry beyond memorizing geometric facts.  They create vivid images for students.  When moving the pieces around, they can be combined to create other shapes, which begins a natural exploration of area, perimeter, similarity, and symmetry.  When we combine this with a strategy game, the students are exploring spatial relationships and developing strategic thinking skills.  In attempting to be the last to place a Tangram piece on the board, students visualize where pieces might fit and use this knowledge to plan future moves, strategizing to deny their partner space on the grid. After several games, the students will develop different strategies to win the game, enhancing their problem-solving abilities.

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