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In Their Words: A Nativity and an Angel

Third Grade Teacher, Ms. Laura Kerlek Prepares Students to Write About Christmas by Sharing a Favorite Christmas Tradition of Her Own
My mom started a wonderful Christmas tradition each December when I was about six years old. Before we began any other decorating she would set up her Nativity Scene.

I have wonderful Christmas memories of my mom taking out this “ratty” old cardboard box with nothing more than “MANGER” written on it in black marker. The box was old and tattered, but its contents were priceless. My mom would carefully unwrap each manger piece. With love, and beaming with pride, she would gently place each piece in its precise place in the manger. We were never EVER allowed to touch the figurines; we were only allowed to watch. I never really understood why as a child, but as we grew older she explained to us that she had painted the pieces as a teenager and she did not want us to accidentally break them!

In conclusion, I have treasured memories of this tradition. When I had my sons, I as well continued the tradition and set up a Nativity Scene with them BEFORE we began any other Christmas holiday decorating.

Third Grade
Ms. Kerlek 
My dad and my brother started this sweet Christmas tradition when my brother was about three years old. I was only one years old. My mom would carefully unwrap the little angel that goes on the top of the tree. My dad would pick me or my brother up and make our hands stay in line so that the angel would not fall. Then, my brother or I would slowly lower our arms and put the angel on the “tippy” top of the Christmas tree. No matter what, we had to do it last. I love this tradition and I will keep the tradition up when I get older.

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