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In Their Words: Students’ Christmas Traditions

Second Grade
Mrs. Carrick
First I get the cheapest tree which is about $15.00. Then we bake cookies. We go shopping and buy presents. We go to my cousins’ house before Christmas and we read The Night Before Christmas.

Second Grade
Mrs. Carrick
I go buy a Christmas tree and then I decorate the tree.  Then we get out all of our Christmas movies and watch one or two. Then we put a box under the tree and it says Happy Birthday, Jesus. On Christmas break we go to North Carolina. When we get back we celebrate Christmas. Me and my brother wake up my parents.

Ann Elizabeth
Third Grade
Ms. Kerlek
Last year we just started the Elf on the Shelf. Elf on the Shelf is when one of Santa’s helpers come to your house to monitor if you are well behaved or not. They will sometimes give you little presents like he gave us a Starbucks gift card!

You are not allowed to touch him or else he would lose his magic and never come back, also he will tell Santa and you will get coal for Christmas! His name is Jengel; he is a good elf.

In conclusion, I enjoy him coming over and liked finding him!


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