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Join Us for Special Middle School Chapels

On Wednesday, April 3, TCS middle school will host Mr. Bassem Chaaban, Director of Operations of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, as the special chapel speaker.  Mr. Chaaban will share about Islam and the mission of his organization. During the middle school study of Islam, the seventh grade students expressed an interest in visiting the Islamic Society.  In lieu of the visit, Mr. Chaaban was invited to The Christ School. We will, as always, open/close with prayer and participate in worship songs. Please pray that his visit to TCS is educational for our students and, more importantly, that we are a blessing to Mr. Chaaban.

On Wednesday, April 24 the seventh grade students will be presenting a special middle school chapel in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day*. This presentation will be a culmination of our study on genocide, human behavior and God’s grace. *Holocaust Remembrance Day begins the evening or April 7 and ends the evening of April 8.

Middle School chapel begins at 9:00 a.m.