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Kind Words Lift Spirits

Who loves a bit of joy, love, and kind words in their life? The young scholars in Compass class, that’s who!  In her recent Chapel lesson, TCS parent Alexis Kramer extolled the value of looking someone in the eye, smiling and offering kind words. Compass Teacher Mrs. Gibbs reflected on that powerful message and the verse, “Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” – Proverbs 12:25, and put it into practice to open each Compass class last week.  “What better way to get comfortable in building each other up than to practice?” she says.  Each scholar was given a classmate to greet by name, smile, and offer two kind things about him/her.  “It was beautiful,” says Mrs. Gibbs.  “Even on the cloudy day, it felt as though God’s love warmed up the room and filled it with His light!”  Afterward, some students reflected on the activity.
Some of their comments were:
“Wow, that almost made me cry happy tears!”
“I didn’t realize anyone noticed that about me!”
“I was uncomfortable looking someone that I know really well in the eye so maybe I need to do it more often!”
“This just made my day a happy one!”
 “Can we do this more often Green Room Gibbs?”  (Mrs. Gibbs’ favorite)

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