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Once a Lion, Always a Lion!

The Christ School is delighted to welcome back TCS alumna Heidi Rhodes, who serves as First Grade Assistant. Heidi grew up in Orlando. She attended The Weekday School from 2-Day 2s to Kindergarten, and then was a student at TCS from first to eighth grade; a member of The Christ School Class of 2008. She attended Boone High School in the Law Magnet program, and then attended Valencia College.

Recently, Heidi has been spending a lot of time traveling and exploring the world. “I enjoy hiking and camping; anything outdoors, really,” she says. “I’ve spent the last few years climbing mountains and tackling as many fourteeners (mountains with an elevation of 14,000 ft) as I could. After living in the southwest for about four years, I am happy to be back with family here in Florida.

“I heard through the grapevine that there were a few openings here at TCS, Heidi says. “The thought of an opportunity to provide children with the same Christ-centered education I had the privilege to receive caught my attention right away. I am so honored to be able to get to know each and every child’s VERY unique personality. It has been a blessing getting acquainted with all of our first grade students!

“My favorite thing about The Christ School is the close-knit, family atmosphere that TCS provides for its students, as well as its staff. It is unlike anywhere else. TCS truly feels like home to me! Once a Lion, always a Lion!” she says.