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Meet Cindi Theodorson

The Christ School welcomes Cindi Theodorson as a first grade teacher.  Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Cindi attended  Flagler College and studied elementary/exceptional education and youth ministry. “That’s how I ended up teaching and living in Florida,” says Cindi. Well, the beach helped too.”

“I have two wonderful children, Casey and Conner,” says Cindi. “My daughter is attending college and working in downtown Orlando and my son, Conner, is also seeking independence while navigating Aspergers and Dyslexia, in the “adulting” world.”

Cindi continues, “I have been teaching for 31 years in both private and public schools, and have been a literacy coach in Orange County.  I have been a children’s minister as well as a Young Life leader for many years, and have worked as director of a small learning center for children that are both gifted and had special learning needs.  Most recently, I moved to Vermont for a change of scenery and to work on a teaching grant to better prepare children for entering school. That grant was ending and God provided a wonderful opportunity to teach at TCS.”

“I love teaching because I believe it is a gift that the Lord has given me,” she says. “I love teaching about Jesus and showing the Lord’s love. I am a people person and enjoy building relationships. I grew up in this atmosphere so it is very natural to me. I love young children because they are like little sponges, ready to soak up all we can give them, and they have such an enthusiasm for life. I look forward to doing fun things with my students this year that foster a love for learning. I love to get down on the floor and be silly with them while creating a safe atmosphere to be able to make mistakes and learn.”

“I am so blessed and excited to be at TCS,” Cindi continues. “I have been praying about a Christian school that puts kids and Jesus first and practices what they preach. I have found The Christ School to be the most awesome combination of love, families and Jesus. I love to be able to minister to children about Jesus and His love for us. It is the most fulfilling thing that I could ever be given the privilege of doing and I am grateful that the Lord opened this amazing door for me.”

Cindi shares her favorite Bible verses: I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me and Nothing is impossible with God.

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