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Middle School Science

Students were given the task to creatively represent an atomic model of any element.  The projects were graded on accuracy, creativity and intricacy.  Winners were decided upon by anonymous student judging combined with the teacher’s assessment.  Winning models included a 3-dimensional model of Beryllium that showed the inner and outer rings as a motorized spinner was activated and a Helium model that included a fishbowl as the nucleus and live fish representing the protons and neutrons.  Congratulations to our winners:

1. Kara Gentry (Neon Glow-in-the-dark Beryllium)

2. Luke Gidus (Fish Helium)

3. Camille Kalis (Bumble Bee Helium)

4. Carlyn Dilley (Baseball Beryllium)

5. Victoria Petrucelly (Shell and Sand Carbon)

6. Marisa Muhart (Fish and Shell Lithium)

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