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Musical Memories!

Miss Thomas and her 4th grade students have been listening to worship songs during their snack time, and decided to dive deeper into a particular favorite. “I try to integrate God into everything we do,” she says. “I share worship songs from a variety of cultures and genres. We listen to worship songs in different languages (with subtitles), contemporary, gospel, Christian Hip-Hop, you name it! It’s my special time with them every day! When I heard Build My Life at church a month ago, I couldn’t wait to share it with them. I found a tutorial on how to do a blended sign language version of it, and we learned it together. Lately, we’ve been talking about the deeper meaning of the song and what a huge commitment it is to sing to the Lord that we will build our lives upon HIS love!’ This song is so special.” Miss Thomas and her students performed the sign language lyrics in Chapel on Monday. Please enjoy the video of their performance on our Facebook page!

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