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Photos of the Week: One Great Day of Service

Fourth grade works to "Clean the World" one bar of soap at a time.
"Everybody is super nice," says Anabel about her time at the Coalition for the Homeless.
First grade students help clean and weed Dickson Azalea Park.
We know helping others feels good; we know it changes lives. What we don’t expect, and are often surprised by, is that in service to others, it is the giver who receives. On Friday, October 5th TCS left campus once again to green up, clean up, and cheer up the community around us.

This week’s photos were taken at the Coalition for the Homeless in Downtown Orlando, Dickson Azalea Park, and at Clean the World. Fifth grade students spent time cleaning toys for the Coalition’s Early Childcare Center, packaging meals, and serving lunch to the homeless. Here’s what a few students had to say when asked what they will most remember about their time at the Coalition:

“When I got to clean the toys for the kids because they were really happy.” Gabi
“They were sweet but they don’t have the stuff that we have.” Addie

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