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Published Poets

Sixth grade Language Arts students recently wrote Haiku poems for the Young American Poetry Digest’s National Schools Project.  The purpose of the project is to encourage student writing and provide an audience for student poetry. Their goal is to encourage young people to be excited about writing! Twenty TCS students were selected to have their poems published in The Young American Poetry Digest 2016. Congratulations to these young poets!

The students whose poems were selected are:
Kieley Whittaker
Annalee Webb
Ethan Uranick
Mattie Sue Swann
Mallory Smith
Hailey Skaggs
Ella Marie Ristorcelli
Ella Richi
Madison Perine
Annabelle Peebles
Lockett Bowley
Frankie Brady
Claire Oswald
Brooke McCree
Jayden McFadden
Will Kietzman
Alan Gressel
Elle Englett
Atlanta Duncan
Jordan Clark

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