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RenWeb Power Conference

This summer, Joanne Fleming, TCS Director of Admission, and Mike Coryell, TCS Student Programs Specialist, attended the RenWeb Power Conference in San Antonio, TX.  Each had a specific reason to attend, and the knowledge gained from both Joanne and Mike will help everyone at TCS make the most of this valuable tool.  Mike tells us, “I discovered ways to make RenWeb a more effective and efficient means of communication between teachers and families.”  Joanne reflects on her experience, “Attending the RenWeb Power Conference afforded me the opportunity to learn from fellow Admission professionals from around the country and the world. It was interesting to compare TCS with other schools and assuring to discover the things we are doing well. TCS is ahead of the technology curve in a lot of areas, especially in Advancement. It was equally rewarding to learn new techniques and programs from schools that were established many years before us. We are definitely moving in the right direction and have a healthy future ahead. Moving TCS to online Inquiry, Application, Enrollment and Re-Enrollment was a huge task but one that set us up to partner with 21st century families. RenWeb is a growing company; just as TCS is a growing school. We have a lot to learn from each other.”

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