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Safety at The Christ School

The Christ School takes the safety of our students very seriously. Please help us continue to offer a safe learning environment for all students and staff by following The Christ School’s safety guidelines. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. On campus, TCS and First Pres have a full time security staff. Procedures are in place for any suspicious activity near campus, including the notification of staff, security, and the OPD. TCS actively incorporates the practice of fire, weather, and lock-down drills. Doors to The Christ School remain locked at all times. Guests are welcomed into our school building by our receptionist, asked to present identification, required to sign in and wear a name tag. All volunteers who work with our students must complete and pass a level 2 fingerprint background check to be allowed to accompany TCS students on field trips or assist with in-school activities. Thank you for understanding when we are having a practice drill or ask for your identification. Safety matters! If you have any questions or concerns about safety issues at TCS, please contact Bill Herlong.

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