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Student Support Spotlight, by Alissa Plaisance- October 3

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month! We celebrate the accomplishments of our students with dyslexia every day. They are hard working, intelligent children who we are honored to teach! Throughout the month of October I will share information about Dyslexia that I hope all families will find useful. These strategies actually benefit all children. Many people with dyslexia struggle with remembering. That is why one of the early signs of Dyslexia in a young student is the tendency to sound out a word and know it when reading a passage, but the child has to sound it out all over again when the same word is encountered a few lines later in the story. The word did not get stored in the child’s memory. Learning to read and spell, as well as many other school tasks, require memory. That is why a child with Dyslexia needs the same material presented multiple times. In the Student Support Center, we strive to make those repetitions fun as well as memorable, using many kinesthetic methods. Gel boards, “swatting” letter tiles, textured letters and trampoline drills all play a role in helping the child store information in his or her long term memory. When practicing at home, try to incorporate some hands-on methods. You and your child will both benefit from the fun learning experience.