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The Life Lessons of Mr. Rogers

Get your cardigans ready! During the month of November, our 6th grade students are learning about the life and lessons of Mr. Rogers. Through reading, writing, presentations, and acts of kindness, students are exploring the gentleness and wisdom of this legendary public television figure. This interdisciplinary thematic unit reaches across language arts, Bible, and science classes with interconnected, thoughtful lessons. Some highlights will include the investigation of truisms, distinguishing reality from make-believe, interpretation of symbols, and the biblical connotation of the word neighbor. They will wrap up the themed lessons with a kindness challenge during “Red Sweater Week” and look forward to a class field trip to see the feature film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”  Students and teachers alike are “growing on the inside” as they explore and revisit the compassion and understanding of Mr. Rogers. We pray that the goodness of these lessons will weave into the fabric of our 6th grade students and throughout our middle school.