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Welcome Micaela Thomas!

We are happy to welcome Micaela Thomas to The Christ School as a 4th grade teacher! Micaela grew up in Port St. Lucie, went to the University of Florida for her undergraduate studies (Journalism and Communication Studies), and earned her Masters of Education at UF in Reading Education. “I have two older sisters, a niece and a new baby nephew,” says Micaela. “I don’t have parents, but God has provided me with an entire VILLAGE of people who love me, counsel me and have helped carry me all these years. I love cooking for others and hosting dinner parties. I love the Florida Gators and Beyonce (LOL). I have huge dimples but like to call them ‘Angel Kisses’ because they are a testament to how God has sustained and protected me through so many difficult times.” 

“This is my 8th year teaching,” says Micaela. “I wanted to become a famous journalist, but after visiting struggling schools in the US while on a college trip during my sophomore year, my heart was broken when I saw that there were kids who didn’t know how to read. Reading was always important to me as a child and I attribute all of my academic successes to do it. I couldn’t imagine becoming a journalist that would write brilliant pieces while knowing there were people out there that wouldn’t be able to read them, so I decided to pursue a Masters of Education in Reading.”

“I love teaching 4th grade!” she says. “This year, I look forward to teaching my students Super Cool Science Labs and outdoor math activities. I am already pumped for the Math Olympic games I do every spring with my 4th grade students.  I created an Olympic competition so the students can practice their math activities outside, rather than just at their desks. They take part in challenges including basketball dunks, balloon-popping, and more! It really motivates them to learn and enjoy math.”

“My favorite part about being at TCS is that the students want to learn. They are so inquisitive and excited to be here every day. I love that JOY is embodied in this school. Joy is oozing everywhere and from everyone; and I’m just so happy God brought me here.”

Micaela shares her favorite Bible verse: Psalm 56:3 “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”