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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset is the belief that intelligence improves through study and practice. In other words, people with a growth mindset think intelligence is like a muscle that grows stronger with training. This mindset is essential for a child to develop perseverance, to continue to work through struggles and achieve their full potential.

What are students at TCS doing to embrace the idea of productive struggle and to learn their mistakes are a way to growth and improve:
  • Embracing desirable difficulties
  • Developing greater levels of perseverance
  • Learning to evaluate and take risks
  • Seeing failure as a key step to success
  • Understanding the power of “Yet”
Our teachers partner with parents to discover the answers to these essential questions:
  • What is your child’s attitude toward learning?
  • How does your child respond to challenge?
  • How does your child react to mistakes and failure?
  • Does your child continue to work at a problem even when the task is not easy or finished quickly?
  • How do we help develop your child’s ability to evaluate and take calculated risks that may result in failure?