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Growing Up!

You may have noticed our 8th grade students acting strangely – being very kind to small bags of flour!  They have been deemed the proud parents of “flour babies,” and are learning just a little about the responsibility of parenting. Our middle school teachers have joined in the flour baby fun by giving the students a salary and a budget, and explaining that for this assignment they are college graduates who are married. Each student now has a two-income family and one newborn. Oh my, that combined $64,000 per year salary certainly needs to be stretched! As the week has progressed, the realities of life, such as unexpected repairs or sickness, have appeared.  “This lesson has been a fun, relevant experience for our students,” says Mrs. Crimmins.  “Our goal is to help them understand the realities that much of society experiences as well as to provide them with more of an incentive to plan for the future. We would also love for our students to have a greater appreciation for the daily blessings they receive. We have enjoyed seeing them care for their ‘flour babies’ as well as hearing the moans when an essential is deducted from the budget.”

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