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Portrait of a TCS Graduate

There are distinctives that are unique to a TCS graduate, which they will take with them to high school, college and beyond.  TCS graduates are:

  • prepared to perform with distinction at the next academic level
  • equipped and motivated to be a life-long learner
  • committed to being others-oriented
  • confident and articulate in communication
  • devoted to glorifying God

The remarks recently spoken by one of our 2011 graduates of  The Christ School, Meghan Cotton, clearly affirm our school and its mission and bring this portrait to life.   Please enjoy them: 

My name is Meghan Cotton and I’m an 8th grader here at TCS.  I’ve been at this school since Kindergarten and at the Weekday School for 2 ½ years before that.  Most of my classmates can say the same.  I have been “surrounded by a cloud of witnesses to a life of faith” the whole time.  Whether in my home, my church, my school, or on the court, track or field, I’ve had the opportunity to learn, grow and compete in this Christian environment. 

Teachers, parents, pastors, friends and coaches have all helped me to keep my eyes focused on Jesus, the source of my faith, that I might run with perseverance the race that God has set before me.  This is not always easy.  Satan is everywhere to try to mess me up.  The sin of gossip can hurt feelings and test relationships; the pressure to perform well can lead to temptations; and the anger of unfairness makes me want to lash out in revenge.  These are all sins that convict me.

 But I know my God is a merciful God and by His grace I am forgiven.  He humbles me and provides me with perseverance to continue the race.  Other experiences have helped me to grow this year.  At our middle school retreat at Southwind I was reminded that everyone wants to “fit in”, but we need to accept each other for our differences.  Also, the hard economic times have shown me to be grateful for what I have, and I’ve been able to witness the generosity and compassion of others giving to those not as fortunate.  Some of my classmates and I just recently had the opportunity to serve those in the Dominican Republic who have so very little and they don’t even realize it.  They worship and sing praises to God who promises them so much more than shoes on their feet or a roof over their head.  The death of my grandmother has also shown me that those faithful unto death most certainly are given the crown of life.

 The race set out before me is not a sprint, but a marathon.  All these experiences and more are steps that God is using to help me get to the finish line.  He didn’t promise there wouldn’t be pot holes, but he placed some very special people on the sideline to help me around them.  For this I am thankful and feel prepared to finish my last lap here at TCS and start on my new course for Boone High School.

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