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Developing a Growth Mindset

By Aaron Farrant, Head of School, The Christ School

Developing a Growth MindsetAt The Christ School we are committed to developing great learners. One of the primary attributes of great learners is that they have a growth mindset. So many people are quick to say they cannot do something or they lack the natural innate ability to be successful in different areas of their lives. As an educator, I see this in children all the time. Children will say they aren’t smart, or they “just aren’t good at math”. The truth is no one knows what a child can accomplish with the proper training, strategies, and effort. Despite this truth, children and adults often identify areas where a child does not start off strong and prematurely decide the child cannot or will not be successful in that area.

Here at The Christ School we reject that idea. There are too many cases in which people struggled at first, but after time and effort they excelled. In fact, struggle is the way people learn best. When we try something new there are usually high levels of failure and only after we keep working and trying do we become proficient and begin to experience sustained success.

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Helping your child enjoy reading

A love for reading enriches lives in many ways; learning new things, facts about a favorite subject, gaining knowledge to enhance a craft, and even developing new interests. How can you encourage a love for reading in your child? Amanda Gordon, Curriculum Specialist at The Christ School, offers tips for parents to encourage a love of reading.

  • Helping your child enjoy readingRead to your young child often. When your child can read on their own, take turns reading the chapters.
  • Talk about the books together. Go to the bookstore or library and pick out books together – make it a fun activity!
  • Reading doesn’t always mean reading a novel. Maybe your child enjoys reading a certain type of magazine; this is still reading! If your child loves cartoons, you can introduce stories like Captain Underpants or Dogman. If they find a silly story on the back of a cereal box, let them read it. Let your child who likes putting things together read the user’s manual. Anything with words can be reading content, even street signs!
  • Give books as gifts. Find fun books about topics that interest your child, and share your excitement about the gift.
  • Research movies that are based on books. Have the child read the book first, and as a reward, take your child to the movie.
  • If a child is reading a book that is too difficult or boring, let him or her quit reading it and find something new. Reading shouldn’t be a chore. If you are forcing children to read something they don’t enjoy, they won’t enjoy reading. Don’t feel like your child has to read to the end of the book “just because.”

What if your older child hasn’t caught the reading bug? How can you encourage a love of reading at this stage?

  • Ask your older child to pick out a book and read it to younger siblings. By choosing the book, he or she will be interested in reading it.

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Middle School Preview

For parents and students who will be in grades 6, 7, or 8 for the 2012 -2013 school year.

Be Part of Something Special

View one parent’s reason for choosing The Christ School.

It is that time of year when you are considering school options.  Whether your child is entering kindergarten or middle school, your decision is the same.  You want a school where your child is embraced and encouraged, where parental involvement is more than emails, it’s a partnership, and where a Christian education means being stretched academically and growing spiritually.

If this is what you are seeking, then consider The Christ School. With comfortable class sizes, spaces are limited so we invite you today to take a tour and see for yourself why our 8th grade graduates enter high school enrolling in honors, AP or IB classes and emerge as leaders in all areas. Learn why starting each day in Chapel roots your child’s values in Christ and how easy it is for downtown working parents to stay involved with only a short walk to campus to eat lunch, volunteer or to watch their child thrive in the popular After Care program.

You are invited anytime to meet the teachers, shadow classes, and listen to student conversations to see for yourself what makes The Christ School special and the right fit for your child.  Call Joanne Fleming at 407-849-1665 to schedule a private tour.

See You at the Pole

See You at the PoleTCS’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) gathered around the flag pole on 9/28/11 and prayed.  This is an internationally recognized practice that began in 1990 with a handful of students in Texas who wanted to pray at their public school and has grown to include schools all over.  Our student body then gathered on the green space and were led in scipture, prayer and song by the FCA, who are guided this year by Coach Scott Stuart and Coach Lisa Roman.See You at the Pole

Lean on Me

Bill Withers’ original song “Lean on Me” closed out Miss Whitman’s 5th grade class chapel program as students, teachers, staff, and parents in attendance swayed and sang enthusiastically.  The program theme continued to focus on Romans 12:4-6, but the class took it to verse 18.  Through examples, they acted out how each of us has specific needs and others have specific gifts that can help with those needs.  They also talked about being there for others to lean on, paying attention to those around us and looking for opportunities to serve.  “Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend...”

Great Can Stack!

Great Can Stack!

Great Can Stack!

Middle school students brought in canned and dry foods for a week and then met to participate in the first ever Great Can Stack!  704 cans and boxes were collected and given to Second Harvest Food Bank for immediate distribution to Central Florida families in need.  Each team built a model of its’ advisor using the cans and boxes that were collected, and Mrs. Kuplen’s advisory team won for the best model.  Mr. Hague’s advisory team brought in the most cans (155).  All who participated are winners!

“Rooted” at the Middle School Retreat

“Rooted” was the theme of the overnight retreat held at Southwind, a Young Life camp
located in the Ocala  National Forest.  According to Bible teacher and retreat coordinator Scott Stuart, the theme stemmed from Colossians 2:6-7…Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. Through worship and devotion, students learned what Paul meant in this verse – he was writing to a body of believers and encouraging them to stay grounded in their faith.  Real life examples of things around us that are rooted were given to the students – General Sherman, a 2500 year old tree; Pando, a super organism that takes up 107 acres in an Aspen grove in Utah, with roots that are all interlocked; the Nile River, which spans 11 different countries throughout the dessert but greenery is seen all along the river.

A goal of the retreat was unity, breaking down walls and barriers.  Mr. Stuart sees the middle school as one body of 6th through 8th grade students, and this event strengthens the body.  Fellowship was experienced through recreation and meals and in worship, with music provided by FPCO’s middle school youth coordinator, Steve Eastwood.  Mr. Stuart saw evidence all around him that the goals of the retreat were achieved:  all new students fully embraced, faculty engaged with the students in all aspects of the two-day retreat, and 6th, 7th and 8th grade students sitting together during meals, playing Ultimate Frisbee and encouraging each other on the Ropes Course.



Bill Herlong, Director of Business Operations

Master in Business Administration, J. Mack Robinson School of Business at Georgia State University, Bachelor of Arts with a major in Geography, University of Florida. Past owner of an industrial real estate business in Orange County; licensed boat Captain.

Meet Your Teacher and More!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kindergarten – 5th grade
Meet Your Teacher
Drop-in classrooms
4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Middle School Kick-off 6 – 8th grade
Program for parents and students
begins promptly at 4:00 p.m.
Reformation Chapel

Students will get lockers and locks!

5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Middle school students are invited to help serve.

Additional Resources
Black Belts for Christ (Foyer)
Cub Scouts (Foyer)
Orlando Community School of the Arts (Foyer)
TCS Spirit Store (Foyer)
Used Uniform Sale (Room 219)
Wholesome Tummies (Foyer)
4:00 – 7:30 p.m.

TCS Receives Award

The Christ School is blessed by the continued generosity and support of The Chesley G. Magruder Foundation! 2011 marks the 16th consecutive year that The Christ School has been honored as an award recipient of The Foundation.  Thank you to The Foundation trustees who continue to believe in The Christ School mission and partner with us to educate the next generation of Christian leaders.  The Chesley G. Magruder Foundation remains the largest cumulative donor to TCS with awards totaling $345,000.00, including the 2011 award of $35,000.00.

15 Year Logo Square

Office Hours

The Christ School office is open Monday – Friday, 7:50 am – 4:00 pm.

Portrait of a TCS Graduate

There are distinctives that are unique to a TCS graduate, which they will take with them to high school, college and beyond.  TCS graduates are:

  • prepared to perform with distinction at the next academic level
  • equipped and motivated to be a life-long learner
  • committed to being others-oriented
  • confident and articulate in communication
  • devoted to glorifying God

The remarks recently spoken by one of our 2011 graduates of  The Christ School, Meghan Cotton, clearly affirm our school and its mission and bring this portrait to life.   Please enjoy them: 

My name is Meghan Cotton and I’m an 8th grader here at TCS.  I’ve been at this school since Kindergarten and at the Weekday School for 2 ½ years before that.  Most of my classmates can say the same.  I have been “surrounded by a cloud of witnesses to a life of faith” the whole time.  Whether in my home, my church, my school, or on the court, track or field, I’ve had the opportunity to learn, grow and compete in this Christian environment. 

Teachers, parents, pastors, friends and coaches have all helped me to keep my eyes focused on Jesus, the source of my faith, that I might run with perseverance the race that God has set before me.  This is not always easy.  Satan is everywhere to try to mess me up.  The sin of gossip can hurt feelings and test relationships; the pressure to perform well can lead to temptations; and the anger of unfairness makes me want to lash out in revenge.  These are all sins that convict me.

 But I know my God is a merciful God and by His grace I am forgiven.  He humbles me and provides me with perseverance to continue the race.  Other experiences have helped me to grow this year.  At our middle school retreat at Southwind I was reminded that everyone wants to “fit in”, but we need to accept each other for our differences.  Also, the hard economic times have shown me to be grateful for what I have, and I’ve been able to witness the generosity and compassion of others giving to those not as fortunate.  Some of my classmates and I just recently had the opportunity to serve those in the Dominican Republic who have so very little and they don’t even realize it.  They worship and sing praises to God who promises them so much more than shoes on their feet or a roof over their head.  The death of my grandmother has also shown me that those faithful unto death most certainly are given the crown of life.

 The race set out before me is not a sprint, but a marathon.  All these experiences and more are steps that God is using to help me get to the finish line.  He didn’t promise there wouldn’t be pot holes, but he placed some very special people on the sideline to help me around them.  For this I am thankful and feel prepared to finish my last lap here at TCS and start on my new course for Boone High School.

NJHS logo

NJHS Taps New Members

The following students have been tapped for induction into The Christ School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society: 

Maggie Brown, Matthew Casler, Chas Cook, Carlie Dorr,

Jordan Ellis, P.J. Formella, Shaun Mealey, Clayton Partlow,

Becca Pulsifer, Avery Reddeck, Austin Rhodes, Monica Rowe,  

Brianna Sanders, Nick Seaman, Morgan Smith, Danielle Towle,  

Chas Wilson and Rylee Witherington

Membership into the National Junior Honor Society is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a middle school student.  Invitations were sent to students with a 3.5 or higher unweighted GPA.  A five-member faculty council then carried out the selection process based on four other criteria: leadership, service, citizenship, and character.  No student is inducted solely for his or her grade point average.   Membership, however, is more than an honor.  It carries with it responsibilities and an obligation to continue to demonstrate those outstanding qualities that resulted in selection.   

Please join us Tuesday, May 24, at 7:00 pm in Reformation Chapel for the induction ceremony which will also include the induction of two honorary members, Mrs. Gina Wiborg and Mrs. Joanne Fleming.

Celebrating Middle School Academic Excellence

 Congratulations, Lions, on your academic achievements:

 Honor Roll  

6th Grade:  Michael Anderson, Emma Ausen, Molly Blastic, Noah Chevalier,  Sarah Cosmas, Chapel Darley, Will Dobson, Sam Emsley, Noah Goyette, John Guglielmi, Caroline Kefauver, Chloe Kranston, Jimmy Lane, Landon Marckese, Parker Mealey, Jake Meisenheimer, Hallie Millard,  Hannah Millard, Davis Pittenger, Skyla Seaman, Abby Tipping, Haley Wass and Austin Williams

 7th Grade:  Maggie Brown, Carlie Dorr, Jordan Ellis, Robbie Isaacs, Clayton Partlow, Austin Rhodes and Sadie Sink

 8th Grade:  Haley Brown, Gretchen Chevalier, Patrick Friend, Georgia Lombardy, Nick Seaman, Sophia Swartwood, Cody Tipping and Sam Williamson

  Distinguished Honor Roll  

6th Grade:  Sarah Berger, Connor Eakins, Katie McCree and Dominick Orlando, III

 7th Grade:  Matthew Casler, P.J. Formella, Shaun Mealey, Becca Pulsifer, Monica Rowe, Brianna Sanders, Morgan Smith, Danielle Towle, Chas Wilson and Rylee Witherington

 8th Grade:  Meghan Cotton, Helen Hardy, Sarah Elisabeth Huggins, Tucker McKillop, Jordan Miller, Morgan Muhart, Maddie Scott, Pamela Surran and Kimmie Whitmire

Way to Roar, Lions!

TCS Mission Team in the Dominican Republic


Twenty-three of our Christ School family arrived safely in the Dominican Republic on Monday, May 9. The DR mission team includes 8th grade students, faculty and parents.  The team delivered the numerous medical supplies contributed by students, families and faculty across the grade levels.    The team will be working with Mission Emanuel throughout the week.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

Talent Blooms at Arts in April

Talent Blooms at Arts in AprilIt was evident that something exciting was going to happen. First there were a few flowers on a bulletin board.  Then there were a few on the stairwell and then . . . one had only to follow the vibrant flowers budding throughout the building to discover Arts in April and student artwork in full bloom, often with young artists in residence.  The evening was best summed up by a parent, “Arts in April was AWESOME! I am [everyone was] truly amazed by the creativity of the students.”  Mrs. Rose and the Arts in April committee would like to thank all the families, faculty and staff who helped make this a wonderful PTF event.

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