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Student Support Spotlight, by Alissa Plaisance – September 26

This week I am sharing some “local learning” opportunities for parents and teachers of children that are gifted, dyslexic, or both! They are happening on the same weekend, so if you have a “twice exceptional” child you can choose which is most relevant to your needs. State conferences like these are a wonderful way to hear from experts in the field, network with families like yours and see the latest research and resources which may be highly meaningful to your child. The Florida Association for the Gifted is holding their annual conference on October 5 & 6, close to I-Drive. This organization is a fantastic resource if you are looking for support regarding your gifted learner. Also, the Florida International Dyslexia Association Conference will be held on October 6 at the Florida Mall Hotel. The conference theme is Dispelling Myths and Supplying Solutions. I will be in attendance and am excited to bring back new strategies and information to share with our families.