Transitional Kindergarten – 5th Grade

The Christ School educates students academically, spiritually, physically and socially in a loving, caring community. Academic expectations are high for all learners which provide the foundation for developing a Christian worldview.

Daily chapel – students begin each day in a 15-minute chapel program with a targeted age appropriate lesson and contemporary music, enhancing community and presentation skills and priming the young minds for learning.

Small class sizes – learning environments thrive on individual attention and creating a student to teacher ratio that provides for learning centers, differentiated instruction, and enrichment.

Curriculum – the foundation of the learning is based on Essential Knowledge, the mastery skills and concepts, at each grade level within each content area. Assessment is designed to show evidences of a multi-faceted learning process.

Enrichment – students rotate through special areas: art, media center, music, physical education, and technology in order to enhance the process of holistic learning and the value of critical thinking.

Technology – students are engaged in hands-on usage of 21st century learning components, therefore classrooms are equipped with voice enhancement, computers, Smart Board technology and mobile ipad2 carts.

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