6th – 8th Grade

The Christ School educates students academically, spiritually, physically and socially in a loving, caring community. Academic expectations are high for all learners which provide the foundation for developing a Christian worldview.

Middle-level students are prepared for the 21st century through a rigorous continuum of learning. Each grade level provides scaffolding to maximize learning potential in each content area.

Language Arts

Language arts includes all crucial components of a well-established, rigorous English language class, including grammar, vocabulary, writing, and literature. Through various delivery methods, students will study expository, narrative, descriptive, and reflective writing. Students read novels, short stories, poetry, nonfiction, and plays from a variety of historical time periods and ethnic groups.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum provides for topics and concepts to be covered in depth. Students will develop life skills along with their academic skills, and the goal is to develop responsible citizens, compassionate Christians, and independent learners. 6th grade students focus on ancient culture and how they have contributed to present day society. 7th grade students focus on the primary themes of geography. 8th grade students focus on responsible citizenship of our country.


The science curriculum provides for a challenging, hands-on learning environment. This is accomplished through an annual science fair, expanded field trips, and project development. Students develop the ability to integrate scientific knowledge and skills. 6th grade students focus on Earth Science. 7th grade students focus on Life Science. 8th grade students focus on Physical Science.


The math program focuses on mastery concepts and problem-solving abilities. 6th grade students focus on the critical 50 skills which enable students to be successful in Algebra I. Students in 7th and 8th grades are taught through a distinctive model of a two-year Algebra 1 sequence. This fosters a deeper course of study which sets learners up for success in high school and beyond. Students may be placed in Honors classes.


In order to solidify a Christian worldview and encourage spiritual formation, students attend Bible class and daily chapel. 6th grade students focus on who God is, what He does, how He reveals Himself, and His desire for a relationship with us. 7th grade students focus on how God’s Old Covenant is fulfilled in Jesus Christ in the New Testament. 8th grade students focus on the nature of God and how He reveals Himself to us.

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